Resources and Media

Get all the information you need in order to educate young athletes on the risks of using steroids and performance enhancing substances (PES). Here you’ll find unique videos from Major League Baseball All-Star pitcher, CJ Wilson, on the importance of playing healthy. Please also download all training materials you will need to educate your fellow coaches, parents, and community leaders on playing healthy.

Videos and TV Spots

  • Drug-Free

    CJ Wilson Talks about being drug-free

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  • Goal-Setting

    CJ Wilson Talks about Goal-Setting  

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  • Teamwork

    CJ Wilson Discusses the Importance of being on a Team  

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  • Toll-Free Helpline

    CJ Wilson Supports the Toll-Free Helpline

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  • Peer Pressure

    CJ Wilson Talks About Peer Pressure

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  • Play Healthy Presentation

    Video of Play Healthy Presentation  

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  • La Presentación de Play Healthy en Español

    Vídeo de la presentación de Play Healthy en español

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Educational Resources

  • The Parent Talk Kit

    Parent Talk Kit — a free how-to guide for talking to your child about performance enhancing substances.

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  • Play Healthy: Community Education Presentation

    This program introduces parents and coaches to the risks and dangers of steroid and performance enhancing substance (PES) use.

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  • Get The Facts

    So what’s the risk with taking performance enhancing substances? There are many.

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