Over-The-Counter Dietary Weight Loss Supplements and Pills

What are over the counter dietary weight loss supplements and pills?

Products sold over-the-counter that claim to help people lose weight and often lose weight quickly by suppressing appetite or increasing metabolism.

Why should parents be concerned?

  • These products are not regulated and the FDA has issued warnings against using 80 different brands of weight loss pills and supplements.
  • Testing of over-the-counter dietary weight loss supplements revealed that many contained illegal ingredients, carcinogens (cancer-causing substances), and some cause hypothermic shock.

What should parents do?

  • If you discover your child is using diet pills, first talk to him about why he thinks he needs to take diet pills. He could be trying to reach a goal weight or he may feel he needs to lose a few extra pounds so he can run faster or be stronger.
  • You should also talk to your athlete about healthy ways to lose weight (appropriate exercise, healthy eating, getting enough sleep).