The Play Healthy Awards educate families on the risks of steroids and performance-enhancing substances and recognize youth coaches and student athletes who embody the spirit of teamwork and healthy, drug-free competition.


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What are Performance Enhancing Substances?

For some athletes, winning is everything — and they’ll do anything to be the strongest, the fastest, and the best. Instead of old-fashioned hard work and training, some athletes are turning to performance enhancing substances to boost athletic performance, ward off fatigue, and enhance their physical appearance. Performance enhancing substances are taken to increase muscle mass and strength, reduce weight, and hide the use of other illegal substances.

So what’s the problem with taking performance enhancing substances?

Negative side effects, that’s what. Whether they’re over-the-counter or illegal, performance enhancing substances can take their toll on a developing body, which is why it’s especially dangerous for teen athletes to experiment with these substances.

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Major League Baseball Charities and The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Present the Play Healthy Awards to an Exemplary Youth Coach and Teen Athlete.

Congratulations to Joanne Fitts, volleyball coach from Rhode Island and Kelsey Barrett, track and field star from Maine!   Read More »


Congratulations to Steven Carter, baseball coach from Beltsville, Maryland and Garrett Burk, baseball student athlete from Laguna Beach, CA for winning the 2013 Commissioner’s Play Healthy Awards.  Read More »